Every workshop will be a comprehensive learning experience. You'll learn everything, from the beginning stages of crafting a song, through the proper music business channels. 

What's included

  • Crafting a song
    • Lyrics and Melodies
    • Finding your voice as a writer
    • Writing commercially
    • Collaboration with co-writers
  • Breaking out
    • Getting a cut
    • Releasing your own album
    • Live show etiquette
  • Recording
  • Publishing
  • Pitching
  • Networking
  • Promoting your music
    • Image / Brand
    • Platforms
    • Finding your audience
    • Touring
  • Legal aspects (i.e. Copyrighting, Royalties...)
  • Roles in the music industry
  • Performance Royalty Companies (The differences and how they work)

After each workshop, you will walk away with valuable resources to continue building on the foundation we give you at Nashville Songwriting Academy. 

In addition, you'll receive a helpful workbook for independent musicians. 

HIT Songwriter's Round Performance

At the end of day one, you'll relax and enjoy an evening of music, with performances by hit songwriters, which will take place in a notable Nashville venue.  


There are many accomodation choices in Nashville. However, for your convenience, we have arranged two highly rated hotels to host our workshops. Both the Maxwell Millennium House and Holiday Inn offer many amenities and free shuttle service to downtown Nashville to maximize your visit to Music City. 


Complimentary food options are included, as well as recommended nearby dining choices.