At Nashville Songwriting Academy, we have a passion for music and a deep appreciation for all the musicians, singers, and songwriters who work hard and play hard.  In our gratitude, we want to help you get the most out of your music because we know how much you put into it. With some of music industry's most accomplished and experienced professionals on board, NSA workshops provide exclusive insights and insider's knowledge of the business. At these workshops, you will learn from decades of experiences, the skills the experts acquired to achieve their success. Unlike other workshops, you will not only learn skills, but walk away with an actionable plan tailored to YOUR goals. Because we know that every person is on their own personal path, we will provide one-on-one consultations with award-winning hit songwriters, who will help you map out a step by step plan to suit your individual needs.

You will also be able to network, find co-writers, and get feedback in our Connect section of the website. Some attendees and artists will also be chosen and showcased in our Spotlight section. We want to promote musicians and songs, and feature select upcoming shows. 

Helping you is our way of saying 'thank you' for all music has given us.